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Mexico city
La Roma & Coyoacan

Mexico City

Where to go in Mexico City.

The best way to get to know the city is through its Colonias (neighborhoods)

La Colonia Roma is a neighborhood were many design shops (Carla Fernanda for example), galleries, music shops, clothing brands and fancy bars and restaurants have settled themselves in. It has been trendy for a while, despite the damage due to the earthquake in 2017. It still attracts many foreigners, students, expats, and people from the art scene. There are many parks, like Parque España and it is safe. A perfect place to start exploring. La Roma is nowadays also known for the Netflix series. Go to Fonda Fina for lunch and try a Mezcal (the nephew of Tequilla) in: La Clandestina!

Another of my favorite neighborhoods is: Coyoacán (named after Coyotes). This is a neighborhood with bohemian feel to it; Colorful houses, street-art, and the always lively Jarding de Centenario. These days Coyoacán is most known for the bleu house of artist Frida Kahlo: Casa Azul. She and Diego Rivera, her husband and famous painter used to live here as did many poets, political rebellions and writers.
Garcias Marquez had his coffee in one of the Coyoacán bars back in the days, and revolutionary Leon Trotsky was hiding out here before he was killed. Even though it is a popular place for tourists, the neighborhood remains authentic, because of her rich history.
At the mercado Artesanal -a local market- the ceilings are decorated by piñatas, large colorful objects made by paper-maché and costumes for 'freestyle wrestling, 'Lucha libre'.

Mexico City has the second-busiest subway system in the continent (after New York City)! It seems to be easy and cheap. But be careful and don’t go in rush hours. I preferred to travel by Uber.

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